Germicidal EF-Series UV Sanitizer

Germicidal EF-Series UV Sanitizer

The EF-140, 160 or 180 hand-held, short-wave UV (254nm) germicidal lamp provides a convenient, non-chemical approach to sanitzation. It is ideal for surfaces prone to germs, bacteria and viruses such as operating room tables and equipment, isolation areas, prisons and shelters, health care facilities, food preperation areas and many more.

UV sanitization eliminates harmful biological contaminants and is beneficial to the environment. This method also saves money on disinfection cleaning products while eliminating potentially harmful toxins that can cause health problems. For more than 40 years, the Centers for Disease Control have recommended the ultraviolet germicidal method to eliminate disease-causing germs.

The EF series is easy to use. Simply shine the light over any smooth, nonporous surface to be sanitized. The lamp's short-wave UV light will kill or render harmless virtually all germs, bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases - in just seconds!

The powerful EF-160 6-watt lamp weighs only 2 lbs (0.9kg) and measures just 3.25 x 10.25 x 2.5" (8.3W x 26.0L x 6.4cmH). It is built of anodized aluminum for rugged durability.

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Germicidal EF-Series UV Sanitizer