NEW AM4815ZT Dino-Lite Digital Microscope

Jul 30, 2015

NEW AM4815ZT Dino-Lite Digital Microscope


The NEW AM4815ZT Dino-Lite Edge Digital Microscope comes fully loaded, packed with features to confront even the most complex of image capture challenges head-on.


The AM4815ZT Dino-Lite Edge exceeds expectations with 1.3MP Product Resolution, Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) and Extended Dynamic Range (EDOF). EDOF image capture mode can take several pictures at different focus’ and then stack them automatically while the EDR feature assists in revealing fine details of both dark and bright areas which would normally be lost in normal capture. The AM4815ZT Dino-Lite Edge achieves this by stacking images taken at different exposure levels.  

The amalgamation of these special functions along with state-of-the-art lens design provides the end-user with exceptional image quality at magnification levels ranging from 20X-220X.  The built in, freely adjustable polarizer supports this further by revealing more detail or enhancing the contrast on the sample surface by reducing or eliminating reflections. Interchangeable front caps broaden the instrument’s capability allowing for a wide range of different applications depending on working distance, lighting requirements and environmental conditions.

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