Find it fast with the new FLIR C3 thermal camera

Jun 20, 2017

Find it fast with the new FLIR C3 thermal camera

Want a fully-featured thermal camera that's small enough to carry in your pocket?


             Image: FLIR C3                                                   Image: FLIR C3 cold spot infiltration

The new FLIR C3 is a pocket sized, fully-featured thermal imaging camera that combines convenience with fast and accurate results. The C3 has all of the features of the C2 including MSX but with added Wi-Fi making it even easier and more convenient to connect with your device. Flir's “Picture-in-Picture” image viewing enhancement feature is also included with the new C3 making it a convenient, powerful and handy tool for NDT technicians, tradies and professionals in HVAC, electrical contracting and maintenance fields.

The features...

The Flir C3 is tough enough to hang out in a tool bag or belt, and can take up to a 2M drop. So for those rough and tumble workers you needn't worry as accidental bumps, scrapes, and drops are factored into the sturdy design. Performance is the name of the game for FLIR and the C3 includes MSX imaging, Wi-Fi transfer and streaming capability. MSX is Flir's proprietary design that uses a built-in digital camera to take visible light details and then etch them onto the thermal image in real-time. This means that in contrast to your typical thermal image, fine details like electrical panel numbering, labels, moulds and edges are displayed clearly on your images.  There’s no more guess work, the situation is always clear in your saved images and reports. For extra clarification, the C3 now includes a picture-in-picture mode that creates a small thermal box in the middle of a normal digital camera image, so you can view thermal data on a specific target surrounded by a non-thermal digital image. 

The best part...

The newest and most exciting feature for the new Flir C3 is the addition of Wi-Fi. This allows for two important productivity functions. The first is wireless streaming of the on-screen data to another device, like a tablet or smartphone. Now the Flir C3 won't record thermal video like the FLIR Exx-Series, but if you want to stream results to a supervisor or have another team member go into a specific area and view their inspections in real time along with them, the Flir C3 will do this brilliantly. This excellent feature can reduce the time it takes to work as a team for increased efficiency and maximum clarity on the job site. The other obvious benefit of built-in Wi-Fi is transferring the thermal images wirelessly to software like FLIR tools, which allows you to create reports on the job. No more complicated analysis, just shoot your images, transfer them to the software, type a few notes, and then email your reports instantly. Especially for independent contractors looking to “wow” customers, this feature is indispensable. Nothing nudges out the competition like easy-to-understand, fast results for customers to view in real-time. The additional data you can acquire also makes repairs a no-brainer for on-the-fence customers. If you can show overheating electrical panels or water damages in simple images immediately, your customer is much more likely to pull the trigger on a potential project which translates to more money for you or your team. 

The bottom line...

The Flir C3 has an RRP of AU$949.00 and features 80x60 thermal resolution (4800 pixels), a 9Hz refresh rate, 100mK thermal sensitivity, 10 to 150°C temperature range, and on screen area boxes and spot meter. Request a quote!
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