TSC develops portable ACFM that lets you go at your own "PACE"

Jun 20, 2017

TSC develops portable ACFM that lets you go at your own "PACE"



TSC in the UK (known for its popular AMIGO) has developed a new ACFM system that is entirely portable and allows the NDT inspector to go at their own "PACE™". No longer will some jobs be off limits; take PACE with you to the job site and discover the time and cost saving benefits of using ACFM for highly accurate surface crack detection. PACE offers reliable, repeatable ACFM crack detection with defect sizing, length and depth.

The features...

PACE is a robust, single user ACFM instrument with a daylight readable, strengthened LCD screen and IP65 rating. PACE has a long battery life of 8+hours and with enhanced software the creation and delivery of inspection reports detailing defect sizes, locations and scans couldn't be easier. The on-board camera also enriches reports, giving NDT inspectors the option to include detailed imagery from the inspection site.

TSC’s innovative design continues in the new probe range SENSU™, which partners PACE. These pencil style ACFM probes, with a straight nose and right angle nose, have been designed to perform easy, continuous scanning whilst being able to gain access to challenging tight angle inspection areas. As “intelligent” probes, the SENSU range stores configuration information and provides instant feedback of scanning status whilst in use.

Ideal applications...

ACFM is ideal for the following applications:

  • Single person operation
  • Rope access inspections
  • Weld inspection
  • Cranes & towers
  • Refinery piping & vessels
  • Painted/coated structures
  • Pipeline welds
  • Bridges & infrastructure
  • Rail wagon integrity
  • Topside offshore/onshore structures
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