Russell Fraser Sales celebrates 25 years in business

Apr 11, 2018

Russell Fraser Sales Celebrates 25 years in business


2018 is a big year for RFS, we've been around for one quarter of a century. That seems like a long time. From humble beginnings with just Eileen, myself and a girl Friday (Heather, who is still with us) to presently a team of 10.

Back then, it was 1993 and with my background as a metallurgist in manufacturing, heat treatment and NDT we began supplying NDT equipment to customers in Australia and New Zealand, from a small factory complex in Sydney’s Southern suburbs.

From 100 square metres to 750 square metres. What was turnover for a year is now accomplished in a month. From just a few agencies to being able to represent over 20 top line agencies from around the world, plus some of the goods we have manufactured here in Australia including CrackTest Products.

How the technology has moved forward since 1993. Back then we thought a Rex Hexagon Proceq unit was great. Moving forward 4 generations and the Equotip 550 is a world away. In UV lamps the progress from the B100 to the new LED uVision from Spectronics is amazing. With Sonatest the move from an SS240 in 2006 to a D70 has been astounding, not to mention the introduction of Veo and Prisma. Of course, Cygnus has just gone from strength to strength, in range and performance with the Cygnus 6 boasting more functionality than ever. 

With more recent additions of Creaform 3D Laser Scanning, Ether Eddy Current equipment and TSC ACFM, we have a strong line of products through the world of NDT, and this is just a few of the ranges we sell.

Now the worst of the downturn is behind us we are looking forward to making the most of new opportunities to enable us to grow stronger and bigger into the future.

Thank you to all our customers who continue to support us and help us to grow. We seek to give you the best we can in service, and products. If you haven't already started following us on social media now's a great time to do so. We use our social media channels to stay in touch with you and let you know about our latest products, special offers and NDT news (links below). A special thanks to the team here at RFS. It is a great group of people to know and work with.


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