Inspecting the hull of a Narrowboat built in 1912

May 18, 2018

Inspecting the hull of a Narrowboat built in 1912


Narrowboat in Bristol, UK

The Cygnus 4 ultrasonic thickness gauge was recently used in a marine survey for a Narrowboat in Bristol, United Kingdom. The hull of this unique vessel designed for the narrow canals of England was built in 1912. Originally the hull of the boat was 22m (72 ft) long before it was chopped in half and converted into a Narrowboat. As you might well expect with a canal boat of this heritage, the paint on the hull was thick and flaky, however the Cygnus 4 coped beautifully. Nick Vass MIIMS, Registered Marine Surveyor, commented “I am very pleased with our Cygnus 4 ultrasonic thickness gauge. It works very well, it’s reliable, easy to use and feels like a good quality piece of kit that is well worth the price”.

For more information on the Cygnus 4 click here or view our full range of ultrasonic thickness gauges for Non Destructive Testing (NDT).


Cygnus 4 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge used to check thickness of hull through coatings.