CTRL Systems Powerbeam 300 Long Range Detector

CTRL Systems Powerbeam 300 Long Range Detector

The PowerBeam 300 continues CTRL System's history of taking the lead in pushing ultrasonic technology to new levels - as was the case with NASA's choice of the Soundscan 101 for use on the International Space Station.

Combining the features of the already proven Soundscan 101* with extended range and sensing capabilities, the PowerBeam 300 provides enhanced ultrasonic detection.

Key Product Features:

  • Pistol type detector with fixed frequency response range
  • Detects ultrasound up to 300 feet
  • Laser pointer and rifle sight for accurate pin pointing
  • Narrow beam of reception allows differentiation between various sources of ultrasound signals
  • Extruded aluminum frame maximizes life in harsh environments
  • No calibration. No special maintenance. Simple controls to adjust sensitivity
  • Uses two standard AAA alkaline batteries to supply power to the laser. No recharging necessary
  • 1-Year Warranty (parts and labour). Extended warranty available
  • Ideal for detection of electrical arcing and corona discharge, compressed air/gas leaks, steam leaks, and steam trap malfunctions.

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  • Technical Specifications
  • Unit Diagram

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CTRL Systems Powerbeam 300 Long Range Detector
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