This unit is a descendent of tried and tested designs, with the HCL system having a number of advantages. It is modular, more compact and in most cases more efficient than its predecessors. Emphasis has been placed on retaining weight and size to a minimum, whilst achieving high performance and flexibility. Safety was the prime consideration and its specifications with regard to safety are in excess of all recommendations. The unit provides the diver with all facilities necessary to undertake the most critical type of magnetic particle inspection.

The basic features of operation are as earlier systems, with a heavy-duty sub-sea transformer feeding either magnetising coils, or current injection prods. The unit has provision for AC or half-wave DC outputs at a maximum of 1200 amps AC or 900 amps DC. The transformer is fitted in an oil-filled, pressure compensated pot, together with the ink pump motor and lamp control gear. In general appearance it resembles it's predecessors from other manufacturers.

The ink delivery system is a pressure compensated continuously agitated reservoir holding about 9 litres (2 imperial gallons) and a valve mounted on the UV lamp controls delivery. Ink is delivered at a pressure of 0.75-1 bar (12-15 psi) above ambient pressure.

The UV lamp is a 125 watt High-pressure mercury vapour with a peak emission at 365nm (UVA). It is compact in comparison to some earlier units. Control gear is fitted inside the sub-sea unit.

The surface unit is a single module that contains the isolating transformers and control gear. This in turn has a hand-held remote control unit with an ammeter, coils 'on -off ' switch, a current control knob, and a switch for the UV lamp and ink motor. Indicator LEDs are also provided to show the status of the system.

The remote control unit thus has total control of the system and takes up virtually no space in the dive shack.

The isolating transformer is a bank of 6 toroidal transformers, with input taps at 10V increments from 200-250V. Toroids were chosen, as they are lighter and more compact than laminated types. Thus the complete topside unit with the electronics is little different in size and weight to other isolating transformers on their own.

The coils have a 'soft-start' feature built in which allows the amps control to be left as set and the coils controlled from the buttons. The phase angle controller then takes charge and winds the current up to the pre-set level over a second or two.


Electrical Supply: 200V-250V a.c. single phase, 36 amp.

Magnetising Prods: 1200 amp a.c. or 900 d.d. (maximums). 50-450mm spacing of electrodes with lead, copper or alloy tips. Open circuit voltage of 6 volts.

Magnetic Loop: 14m continuous loop, 1200 amp a.c. maximum 6 volts. Duty cycle 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Output variable from zero to maximum.

Ultraviolet Lamp: Black nozzle to assist discrimination of indications 220V x 125 watt lamp.

Ink Dispensing System: Delivery at 12-15 p.s.i. above ambient. Capacity approximately 9 litres of ready mixed ink, continuously agitated.

Surface Control Unit: Hand Held, with switch and knob control of the U.V. Lamp and Ink Pump, coils/prods with a digital read-out of current. Indicators for earth, lamp and coils.

Isolation Unit: Single module containing isolating transformers and control gear.

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