U.V. Ambient Light & Flux Meters

U.V. Ambient Light & Flux Meters


  • Full MPI Instrumentation Package in a Single Sub-Sea Module

  • Compact & Rugged

  • Improves MPI Integrity

  • Single Multi-Functional Probe

  • Full Visual Status Indications

  • Unique Penetratorless Charging System

  • MPI/NAMAS traceable calibration

This instrumentation package is designed to enhance the integrity of sub-sea MPI by enabling measurement of magnetic field strength, ambient visual light, and ultra-violet irradiance with a single sub-sea module.  It has been proven over several years service in the North Sea and elsewhere.

In practice, it allows the user to replicate previous work-face MPI conditions on subsequent inspections, thus reducing the probability of spurious or missed indications.  Initial inspections benefit from using a known and measure set-up.

An improvement on earlier versions, the HCL unit has a single flying lead to a combined probe head - this contains the U.V. and visible sensors, together with the magnetometer probe.  This reduces the number of both penetrators and trailing cables.

Part No. Description
HCUFM/UPRS Sub-Sea/In-Air combined Photometer, Radiometer & Magnetometer
HCUPRS Sub-Sea/In-Air Photometer & Radiometer 

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U.V. Ambient Light & Flux Meters