Pipecheck Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Pipecheck Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Creaform is a leader in portable 3D optical measurement technologies, and has developed the new Pipecheck solution for pipeline integrity assessment. The solution includes a HandySCAN 3D portable hand-held scanner and the Pipecheck software. The Pipecheck pipeline corrosion software module provides very fast and reliable NDT data processing tools to show increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurement methods.

  • Automatically-applied interaction rules
  • 3D and 2D colour mapping with river-bottom path overlay
  • Worst-case-profile generated for all corrosion features
  • Estimated burst pressure calculation based on ASME B31G code
  • Corrosion depth measurement, dimensions and positions on the pipe
  • "Depth-on-the-fly": simply drag the mouse over point to obtain local corrosion depth
  • Enhanced virtual pit gauge capabilities
  • Internal and external assessment

The Pipecheck mechanical damage software module has been specifically developed for pipeline mechanical damage analysis.

  • Maximum depth measurement using straight edge technique in both directions
  • Automatic maximum depth detection
  • Automatic creation of 2D cross-sections in both directions at max depth
  • 3D and 2D colour mapping of damaged area
  • Depth-over-diameter ratio
  • Maximum diameter at 90° of dent
  • Length and width measurement for each dent
  • Internal and external assessment

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Pipecheck Pipeline Integrity Assessment