Sonatest Sitescan 250S Flaw Detector

Sonatest Sitescan 250S Flaw Detector

The Sitescan 250 has been superseded. Please click here to see the Masterscan 700M

The popular Sitescan series are economical general purpose flaw detectors equipped with all the necessary functions you would expect from modern digital instruments. The 250S is the top of the range instrument in this series. It includes all the software features of the 150S combined with a narrow band amplifier and TCG for more demanding ultrasonic applications. The square wave ActiveEdge pulser automatically optimizes for each filter band selected, ensuring maximum performance.


  • FW/HW/RF rectification.
  • 2 gates.
  • Depth/E-E/Trig measurement.
  • Auto-Cal.
  • 8000 thickness readings storage capacity.

Technical Specification

  • Broadband 1.5 - 15Mhz
  • Narrowbands at 1Mhz, 2.25 Mhz, 5Mhz, 10Mhz
  • Ideal for small castings/forgings/petrochemicals.
  • Includes TCG software.

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Sonatest Sitescan 250S Flaw Detector