Sonatest Sitescan D+ Series

Sonatest Sitescan D+ Series

The Sitescan D10+ and Sitescan D20+ have been superseded. 

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For over 20 years the Sitescan name has meant highly reliable, technician focused flaw detectors and the new range continues this tradition. The Sitescan delivers high performance and advanced features, yet the Sonatest engineers experience in user interface has ensured it is easy and quick to use. The acknowledged ease of use of previous generation Sitescan has been enhanced with the menu navigation scroll-wheel, providing quick access to functions. The menu structure has been designed to guide the user through their task with operation quickly becoming second nature.

The Sitescan D-10 has a broadband amplifier compatible with a wide range of transducers, whilst the D-20 model has several narrow bands for improved performance. The "analogue feel" from the high quality broadband amplifier shows all the detail required to identify defect types such as holes or cracks, and sufficient resolution for identifying small signals. Typical NDT applications are weld inspection, corrosion testing, small castings, forgings and delamination checking.


  • Lightweight ergonomics
  • Colour Transflective TFT display as standard, providing high visibility at any light condition, plus LCD simulation mode giving clear readability in direct sunlight
  • The integrated pipe stand is adjustable to provide easy positioning, whilst the standard camera mount fixing on the back opens up a wide variety of useful accessories, such as magnetic hooks, tripod mounts and body harnesses. Can be easily attached to pipe work, metal plates or hung from the nearest fixing, giving the user both hands free for scanning
  • SDMS Lite (Data Management Software)
  • Innovative rotary control for fast, single-handed menu selection and setting changes. Keypad uses new technology to increase resistance to water and improve tactile feel, along with mechanical switches for enhanced lifetime
  • Unique user keys that can be assigned directly to menu items or actions

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Sonatest Sitescan D+ Series