CT-Gage Material & Coating Thickness

CT-Gage Material & Coating Thickness

The CT-Gage has been designed as a multi-purpose ultrasonic material and coating thickness instrument with a wide range of features.
This unit is able to simultaneously and independently measure the material and coating thickness.
Or switch to a time-based B-Scan view to see a cross section of the material being inspected.

Technical Specification

5 Measurement Modes

  • Pulse-Echo
  • Pulse-Echo w/Coating
  • Echo-Echo
  • Pulse Echo w/Temperature Compensation
  • Coating Only Mode

Easy to Use 

  • Single or two point calibration option fopr material and coating.
  • Automatic Probe Zero
  • Automatic Probe Recognition.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation.
  • Automatic Gain Control.
  • Time Corrected Gain.

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CT-Gage Material & Coating Thickness