Spectroline AP800 Ultrawand UV Pencil Lamp

Spectroline AP800 Ultrawand UV Pencil Lamp

Reveals Critical Indications
Conventional Lamps Can't Reach

  • Long and Slender - Measures 76 centimetres (30 inches) long by only 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) in diameter to go where no NDT inspection lamp could go before
  • Lightweight - The 450 gram probe is ergonomically designed to be held comfortably during lengthy inspections
  • Cost Effective and Economical - Costs thousands of dollars less than borescopes with liquid-filled light guides
  • Powerful - 8-watt lamp plugs into any AC outlet to find critical indications that other UV light sources may miss
  • Versatile - Long-wave UV lamp illuminates previously inaccessible areas without disassembly
  • Used by major tube and pipeline inspection companies



Light Source 8-watt, integrally filtered, long-wave UV fluorescent tube, 25.4cm (10") long
Steady-State UV-A Output 4,800 µW/cm2 at 2.5cm (1")
2,200 µW/cm2 at 5.1cm (2")
Initial Warm Up 3 minutes
Replacement Tube BLE-760B
Power Requirements 230 volt/50 Hz AC or 115 volt/60 Hz
(probe only)
2.5 cm (1") diameter; 76.2cm (30") long
(probe only)
0.45kg (1 lb.)
Primary Cord
(to power supply)
1.8m (6 ft.)
Secondary Cord
(to lamp)
1.8m (6 ft.)

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Spectroline AP800 Ultrawand UV Pencil Lamp
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