Spectroline UVision 365 UV NDT Lamps: Unboxing Video Review

Oct 18, 2019

Spectroline UVision 365 UV NDT Lamps: Unboxing Video Review

Check out our new in-house NDT product review video of the Spectroline UVision 365 UV NDT Lamp. 

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Video Transcript:

Hi guys I'm Paul from Russell Fraser Sales. Today we're going to be taking a quick look at what's in the box with the new Ultra Violet (UV) inspection lamps from Spectroline: the uVision 365. So there's a few different versions of these; there is the standard mains-powered version; there is the Z-model which has a built-in lithium ion battery and there is the M-model, now this has the best of both worlds you can either power it directly from a portable battery or directly from mains. Beyond that there are of course ASTM compliant and Rolls-Royce compliant versions of all these.

So let's have a closer look at what you get. OK so here you have one of the standard kits this is the nice little convenient sized carry bag they'll come in; it contains everything you'll need to get started. If we open it up, there's quite a few pockets in here so at the front we have one currently containing the shoulder strap but there's also room for pens and things like that in there. Underneath the lid we have a small compartment for your UV goggles which will come standard; very important to wear those. Then here we have a user manual and the lamp itself; now depending on which model you'll get will depend on what's in here. With the M-model you'll find your battery and charger and with the Z-model you'll also find a charger right here.

Taking a closer look at the lamp itself you'll notice it's quite compact, quite small because it uses LED technology there's no moving parts; no fans or anything to cool it. Look in the front you'll see that there's four LEDs; the three on the outside are ultraviolet and one white light in the middle. A single rocker switch: off white light and UV. There's not a whole lot difference between the three models so as I said that's the standard model here we have the Z-model. The only difference is the battery pack on the bottom and the charging port on the back and finally the M-model now this has an adaptor which can either plug straight into your mains power adapter or directly into the battery pack.

So I'm dimming the lights in the room to make this a bit easier to see on the video. We're gonna have a quick look at the output of lamp. So here I have the white light as you can see it's more than enough to cover the whole board. This is coming from the single LED in the middle. I swapped to UV; similar sized coverage is coming out of the three LEDs. Now it's more than enough to cover this whole board, more than enough to illuminate this entire sample of Water-Glo. Now if I take the board away also, it's definitely good enough to light up a wall on the background including the Oil-Glo samples. Now this is the standard version this is putting out about seven thousand micro watts per centimeter squared. Of course that will vary for the ASTM and Rolls-Royce compliant versions. Now all of these are available from Russell Fraser Sales, so if you have any questions or you'd like any more information please feel free to contact us.