The eddynomic®is designed especially for general use in production and its principle of operation is based on ibg’s preventive multi-frequency testing (PMFT). This method provides a far greater degree of reliability than single-frequency eddy current instruments.

Operation is supported by a full on-board computer and user-friendly software to simplify calibration and sort procedures. Use of leading edge electronic techniques makes extremely short testing times possible despite multi-frequency testing.

The eddynomic® is available in different mounting arrangements. Opto-isolated interfacing integrates the instrument into automatic inspection lines. For universal use the instrument is equipped with standard features such as diplays and interfaces.

Preventive multi-frequency testing:

For calibration of the eddynomic® only OK parts are required. These reference parts are tested over a very broad frequency band (1:1000 bis 1:3000) with up to 8 frequencies. A typical impendence curve develops. Like a fingerprint it reflects the different features of material such as alloy and structure as well as scattering of the OK parts.

Due to its extremely easy operation the eddynomic® very quickly proceeds fom “calibration” to “sorting”. Testing is also done with up to 8 frequencies. Subsequently, the instrument only decides on OK if all criteria correspond to the known data. Unexpected deviations are automatically recognized and sorted out. Thus, test reliability is significantly higher compared to single-frequency testing.