The Eddysort®‘s principle of operation is based on the classic single-frequency method and it is especially designed for versatility in a production line.

Operation is supported by a complete on-board computer and user-friendly software to simplify and speed up calibration and sort procedures. Use of leading edge electronic techniques allows extremely short testing times.

The Eddysort® is available in different case options. Using an opto-interface the instrument can be integrated in automatic test processes. For universal use the instrument is equipped with standard features such as displays and interfaces.

The ultimate single-frequency method:

During calibration of the Eddysort®, OK parts are tested over a broad frequency band (1:1000 – 1:3000). A typical impedance curve develops. Like a fingerprint it reflects various material characteristics, e. g. alloy and structure, as well as scattering of the presented OK parts.

For automatic selection of the optimum test frequency material data of NOK parts with different material structures must be recorded. The integrated software compares eddy current characteristics of all parts and automatically suggests the optimum test frequency. Due to easiest operation the Eddysort® quickly proceeds from calibration to sorting mode.