We have one ex-demonstrator Creaform Go!Scan 3D Scanner in as-new condition up for clearance sale. It comes with everything you would get with a brand new unit, including the “complete” maintenance plan (warranty and upgrades) for 1 year, and it has the colour option included. The kit includes the hard case, scanner, power supply, USB cable, calibration plate and 2 boxes of targets (500 targets per box).  More information can be found here or please contact us for more information.

Creaform has released two new versions of the GoSCAN 3D white light scanners, which offer practical ease of use and the ability to scan objects in full colour.

The GoSCAN 50 is designed to measure medium to larger parts and offers optimal flexibility, while the GoSCAN 20 delivers maximum resolution and is ideal for smaller objects with intricate details, making it the perfect companion for 3D printers.


  • High speed: Typical objects are scanned in five minutes or less.
  • Professional-grade measurements: The Go!SCAN 3D provides an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and resolution of up to 0.2 mm.
  • Full-color 3D models: Users can easily and simultaneously capture of high-quality geometry and colors.
  • TRUsimplicity™: Extremely simple scanning process.
  • Point and shoot: No preparation or complicated setup is required. The scanner is up-and-running in less than two minutes.