The all new Lumos X-Loupe A500 portable microscopic camera will transform your inspection capabilities, at an all new low price! Highly effective in a vast array of applications the Lumos X-Loupe is utilised in the fields of NDT; Engineering; Forensic Science; Entomology (study of insects); Customs; Archaeology; Art Evaluation; Education; Medical Science or Photography. Combining a digital camera and microscopic module it offers superior magnification levels and the ability to clearly capture objects approximately 6mm – 10 microns in size.



    • Portability and ease-of-use: Pocket sized, weighing less than 300g
    • Interchangeable microscopic lenses with differing magnification levels (60X, 100X, 150X, UV lens (some models)
    • Built in LED lighting: Dimmable LEDs illuminate effectively
    • Auto-focus captures clear micro images
    • Connectivity with TV or Printer without the use of a PC (device connects to TV via an RCA connector & prints images through USB2.0 interface by PictBridge (TM) compatible printers)
    • Preview and quick browse on 2.5 Inch LCD screen
    • Durability: Run-time is approximately four hours between charge
    • Quality: Lithium battery cell made-in-Japan
    • Two-for-one: Detachable module allows the unit to revert back to a digital camera
    • Lumos X-Loupe stand is available to ensure stable use

Technical Specifications A-Series

Lens Design High Performance Aberration-Corrected Aspheric Lenses
Lens Material Schott No-Lead Optical Grade Glass, Made in Germany
Coating Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating
Included Number of Objective Lenses 3
Magnification Power 60x, 100x, 150x
FOV (Field of View) 60x: 16mm x 12mm

100x: 9mm x 6.5mm

150x 5.7mm x 4.5mm

Resolution (USAF 1951 Test Target) 60x: 57lp/mm

100x: 101lp/mm

150x: 203 lp/mm

(under 4x digital zoom condition)

Build-in Dimmable Illumination 4 White Light LED
LED Colour Temperature 6000K
LED Life Cycle 10000Hrs

Power Source

(for Both Microscopic Lens Module and DSC*)

Microscopic Lens Module: Canon NB-4L or compatible Li-ion rechargeable batteries

DSC* (if applicable): Canon NB-4L or compatible Li-ion rechargeable batteries

Battery(ies) Included Canon NB-4L Compatible SANYO Li-ion 750mAh UL-Certified Battery Cell, with Over- Current and High-Temperature Protection circuits
Battery Charger DSC* – included battery charger, 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Battery Charger Time First Time: 4Hrs, General: 1.5Hrs
Battery Duration of Microscope Module 5 Hrs
Recommended DSC* with Perfect Performance Canon IXUS 870 IS
Camera Resolution Canon IXUS 870 IS: 10MP
DSC* Specification Please refer to DSC* Manual
Dimension of Microscopic Lens Module 92×58.5x62mm (with 60x lens)
Dimension with DSC* 92×58.5x83mm (with 60xlens)
Weight of Microscopic Lens Module Less than 150g (Battery included)
Weight with DSC* Less than 300g (Battery included)
Material Aluminium, Optical grade glass, ABS, PC and Latex, Rohs Compliant
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Storage Temeprature – 20 – +65°C

*DSC = Digital Still Camera