MFE Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their new and improved Mark III lineup. The Mark III Floor Scanner addresses many issues faced by the modern day tank inspector, such as improved inspections through coated floors, improved inspections through thicker plates, fully adjustable thresholds for improved thresholding techniques, and the ability to produce color-coded maps of carbon steel loss across the tank floor. Initially, the Mark III Floor Scanner will be available in three different models: Manual Operation; Stop-On-Defect; Color Map

The Mark III Manual Operation Floor Scanner is the base model. However, even the base model comes with multiple upgrades. One major upgrade, an improved magnetic bridge which allows for better inspection through coated tank floors and greater plate thickness. Another upgrade is the introduction of a rugged touch screen Panasonic Toughbook. The toughbook displays the digital volume loss signals in real time, allows the operator to adjust the gain and set the alarm. This model can be upgraded to a Stop on Defect model.

The Mark III Stop-On-Defect Floor Scanner is an upgraded version of the Manual Operation unit that primarily offers a motor to drive the floor scanner. This unit also features a new and improved fully adjustable threshold. Any signal that rises above the set threshold will not only stop the motor but will also freeze the signals on screen so that an inspector can quickly identify the location of the defect. This unit can be upgraded to a MFE 2412 Mark 3 ColorMap.

The 2412 Mark III ColorMap is the fully upgraded version of the Mark III that al-lows the inspector to create a color-coded map of the carbon steel loss across the tank floor. This unit includes versatile software that allows the inspector to create a detailed tank floor schematic and then overlay the actual floor scans on each plate. The end result is a color-coded map of the tank floor that indicates precise locations of carbon steel loss in the plates. This is an excellent tool for determining how best to approach tank floor repairs.