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Mitcorp PRM 100 Probe for X1000

Mitcorp PRM 100 Probe for X1000

See Mitcorp PRM2830 for alternative

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The PRM 100 is the perfect companion for heat exchanger inspections. It comes with a 10mm camera head and a 25m long insertion probe that is dust and waterproof and can operate in a water depth of up to 1m. It also offers great versatility as it works with products from the X-Series, such as the X1000 or X500. The PRM100 comes with a built-in meter to measure the inspection depth, making locating flaws easier and improving workflow.

A variety of accessories is available for the PRM100, such as a centering ball and a side-view mirror.
The centering ball centers the camera head even in larger pipes up to 2cm.
The side view mirror offers a 90-degree side view, ideal for inspecting, for example, sewer lateral connections or inflows.

The Mitcorp PRM-100 Probe is an additional Heavy Duty probe designed for the X1000 Videoscope.  It can also be purchased along with the X1000 Videoscope as a package. This compact heavy duty waterproof side and front viewing probe is ideal for heat Exchanger inspection, pipes and industrial applications. The 10mm dia. 15meter cable spools smoothly and securely and is monitored by the digital distance counter. The PRM-100 also features illumination boost software for lighting up larger dark areas and has dust reduction when in side-view mode.


  • Ideal for heat exchanger inspection & industrial applications
  • Heavy duty quality & waterproof for harsh working environments
  • Illumination boost software & dust reduction
  • 10mm diameter head
  • 15m and 25m versions available
  • Side & front viewing probe
  • Cable distance counter

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