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Portascanner WATERTIGHT

The Portascanner® Watertight is an ultrasonic watertight integrity tester, indentifying leaks in a wide variety of watertight, airtight or weather-tight seals including hatch covers, watertigth doors and multiple cable transits.

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The Portascanner® Watertight is the world leading method for testing a wide variety of watertight seals to identify the exact location of leak sites quickly and easily. Coltraco Ultrasonics first pioneered the technology nearly 30 years ago and have been at the forefront ever since.

We always aim to make our equipment as simple and easy to use, making it ideal for use by crew as well as Surveyors or experienced NDT specialists. Typical testing examples include:

  • Ultrasonic hatch cover testing – mainly used for testing bulk carrier hatches, the Portascanner is onboard most of the leading bulk carrier operators and traditionally used by crew prior to departure to ensure the seals are secure and thus the vessel, crew and cargo are safe. Regular use will result in drastically reduced cargo claims.
  • Watertight or Weathertight doors – Whilst testing doors has a slightly different testing protocol, the same basic unit configuration can be used. Any different door style can be tested and is an especially popular application among safety critical environments such as Naval or Oil&Gas platforms.
  • Multiple Cable Transits (MCTs) – Testing MCTs for secure seals is an area of increasing awareness in numerous industries. With few alternative methods, the Portascanner has been perfected for use in such environments.

The Portascanner offers a more accurate and reliable alternative to chalk testing and a cleaner and more efficient alternative to hose testing. Both these methods can only identify very substantial leaks and are highly dependent on the tester. The Portascanner removes subjectivity by identifying any leaks that exist and will find problems always missed by both methods. With the Portascanner able to identify leaks as small as 0.06mm, it is the most precise unit available on the market.

The Portascanner® comes with many unique features:

  • Magnetically positioned generator – place the generator on any magnetic surface for perfect & convenient positioning. Ideal for bulk carrier testing as removes the need to place generator on the tank top and makes testing Doors & MCTs much easier
  • Range of 100m – Meaning the device is capable of testing even the largest bulk carriers. Multiple generators can be used simultaneously for challenging spaces.
  • Dual measurement units – Can be used in either with the linear numerical display or in decibels depending on the application
  • Highly intuitive to use – Easiest unit to operate effectively in the market and ideal for use by crew. Minimal training required for effective use and video training available
  • Handsfree use – with eyelet to attach hanging strap to allow users 2 free hands to work with
  • Technical Support – Provided one-on-one free of charge, with video material, over the telephone, video call or email.
  • Warranty – 3 year warranty covering any manufacturing defect with full replacement in the event of failure


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