This product is designed for use on all types of metallic surface and is especially suited to solving the problems of rough, pitted, uneven surfaces allowing smooth probe movement during testing.

The thixotropic properties of this couplant give excellent wetting and acoustic transmission and do not allow the produce to flow all over the test area. This makes it very economical to use as you only cover the working area and not the whole piece and is especially suitable for vertical and overhead surfaces.


Sonagel O incorporates chemicals, which allow very slow drying even at elevated temperatures, whilst being free of VOC’s and other hazardous materials. However, it does contain a special tracer dye to enable areas to be checked for coverage but the couplant is still very easily removed with gentle water washing or solvent wipes. Sonagel O is available in easy to use 125 ml applicator bottles as well as in plastic 1 litre and 25 litre bulk containers (both with suitable carrying handles).

Technical Specification

  • Oil based orange gel.
  • Operating range – 10°C to 160°C.