An especially bright wall unit for viewing wet films in the darkroom,

Luminance approx. 12,000 cd/m2, for densities up to D = 3.1* as per EN 25 580.

  • Illuminated area 10 x 48 cm,
  • The entire film format can be viewed at a glance,
  • Water-tight front screen mounting,
  • Interconnecting cable with unearthed protective conductor,
  • Complete with fluorescent lamps.

For connection to 230 V AC


* Sometimes claims are made with regard to similar equipment, whereby the viewable film density is quoted as being D = 1 (or more) higher than the density values listed here which comply with EN 25 5280 and others.

** Some of the units described on this page are also available for mains-supply versions other than 230 V/50 Hz. We will be pleased to send you further information and a quotation on enquiry.

*** On behalf of the high switching frequency in film viewing units, there are existing differences in the suitability for some halogen lamps. We deliver only lamp types which have been tested by us.

**** According to EN 25 580, ISO 5580, and ASTM E 1390-90, a radiograph with D = 2,0 must not be damaged by a one minute viewing period after the unit has been used for a total of one hour with 50 % switch-on time, with 15 seconds full light periods each time, at an environmental temperature of 20°C. Already in the standard version WILNOS film viewing units are much more better than claimed above.