Annotation: With the NKSTech X-Loupe software you are able to add comments and measurements to your microscopic image. This way you do not have to write your comments in a separate e-mail. The information will be directly available on the image. Measurements like distance, area, perimeter angle etc. are drawn and shown directly on the image.

Extended Focus: This feature enables an image to be produced from several photographs taken at different focuses. This is particularly useful when looking closely at a three dimensional part such as a circuit board or piece of jewellery. The resultant image shows all planes in focus.

The X-Loupe software offers 3 ways of saving your documentation containing measurements and comments. Annotation in a separate file – The annotation can be stored in a separate file. This way you can continue to edit your annotation when you open your image. Annotation in the JPG-file – The annotation can be rendered into the JPG-file so it can be read by anybody. You do not need the X-Loupe software to read the annotation. Excel report – An Excel report can be created by one click. The report will contain the image including the annotation entered on the image. In addition to that, the report can contain the date and time the image was taken, name of image and report, location of image file and report etc. All valuable information for tracing your documentation.