Equostat R5

The EQUOSTAT hardness tester is a light weight, yet powerful portable hardness tester for all metallic materials. The EQUOSTAT portable hardness tester measures in a similar fashion to the Rockwell principle where penetration depth under a defined load force is measured before and after application of a larger force. The differential between the before and after penetration depths reflects the plastic deformation and, therefore, the hardness. The internal construction of the R5 probe defines and maintains the major and minor forces by hand activation. The probe can be used in either a clamp (as shown below), bench press or freehand. The EQUOSTAT portable hardness tester then displays both the native HRZ and converted values for Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell on a large LCD display.

Mobile and accurate, the EQUOSTAT portable hardness tester has a large measuring range - from soft to extremely hard and gives measurements in seconds. Internal data storage of ~ 6,000 readings and RS-232C interface make the EQUOSTAT portable hardness tester a powerful quality tool.

Applications of the EQUOSTAT portable hardness tester include scratch sensitive polished surfaces, hardness of the heat affected zone in weldments, sheet and coiled metals, and pieces as thin as 0.008". In addition to the EQUOSTAT hardness tester R5 probe, all EQUOTIP? portable hardness tester impact devices can also be used.

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Equostat R5