TCC Low-Emissivity Coatings Detector

TCC Low-Emissivity Coatings Detector

Window installation has become more difficult because glaziers must ensure proper orientation of low-emissivity coatings.

While fabricators have various means of determining low-e orientation during the manufacturing of insulating glass units, glaziers' few conventional methods for on-site verification have proven ineffective, until the advent of portable detectors. With these devices, installers no longer need to depend on their own discretion and can prevent costly errors that can cause failed inspections, or worse, financial devastation.

During the manufacturing process, fabricators verify the position of the coated surfaces by using direct-contact-style commercial coating detectors, multimeters, scanning-style meters located above work areas or brush-type detectors mounted directly on the equipment. In the past, some manufacturers relied upon visual-reflected flame or touch methods. However, coating manufacturers warn that visual or touch methods could provide erroneous results because they require human judgment. Furthermore, handprints can corrode the low-e coating.

Now window manufacturers and installers who handle, cut, seam, and edge delete glass then assemble insulating glass units can own a budget, pocket size contact style coating detectors to assure that the low-E surface is being handled and assembled correctly.

Direct contact of the coated (conductive) surface will light the red light and let you positively know which glass surface has the coating on it.

  • Coating detector only lights if contact is made with the coating
  • Four colors so you can use a specific color in each department
  • Simple Battery replacement
  • Fit's in shirt pocket
  • Edge stop prevents potential scratching of low-E surface
  • No moving parts

Note: This detector/tester will not detect coated surface inside of an insulated glass unit. Detector only works when contact made with the coated surface. See T.D.G. coating detector for this purpose.

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TCC Low-Emissivity Coatings Detector
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