GRAETZ GammaSmart Doserate Alarm Unit

GRAETZ GammaSmart Doserate Alarm Unit

The GammaSmart is a pocket-sized, very robust, battery-operated doserate alarm unit for the personal radiation protection. It is designed for the detection of gamma radiation and X-rays, indicating these with clear optical and significant acoustical pulse repetition rate. An increasing doserate leads to an increasing pulse rate.

The splash-proof aluminium housing - equipped with an optical battery control - ensures a shielding against electromagnetic influence: the device is EMC-proof.

Technical Data

Type of radiation:

gamma radiation / X-rays




counting rate at 3 µSv/h approx. 1 count/min

Acoustic Alarm:

> 85 dB(A) measured in 30 cm distance

Temperature range:

-30°C up to +60°C

Power supply:

3 batteries type LR1 1,5V



Dimensions / Weight:

(130 x 50 x 20) mm / approx. 150 g

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GRAETZ GammaSmart Doserate Alarm Unit