GRAETZ GAMMATEST 1 Doserate Alarm Unit

GRAETZ GAMMATEST 1 Doserate Alarm Unit

The GAMMATEST 1 is a light, battery-operated doserate alarm unit for the personal radiation protection, detecting gamma and X-rays. The device disposes of four alarm thresholds triggering an acoustic alarm when being exceeded.

The housing is made of high impact plastic with metallized surface, thus achieving a shielding against electromagnetic influence. It can be easily decontaminated and it is splash-proof.

The GAMMATEST 1 is approved for the use at fire brigades (German Fire Brigades Approval No.: DLW/FW/GSF 127702/2).

Measuring size: ambient doserate equivalent H*(10).

It is preferably used to determine the restricted areas where a doserate of 25 µSv/h is achieved.

Technical Data


energy-compensated GM-tube

Energy range:

48 keV - 2 MeV

Alarm thresholds:

25 µSv/h, 50 µSv/h, 1 mSv/h, 10 mSv/h

Overload capacities:

> 10 Sv/h

Temperature range:

-30°C up to +60°C

Power supply:

2 pcs. Mignon-cells IEC R6

Dimensions / Weight:

(125 x 72 x 26) mm / approx. 230 g (with batteries)

German Fire Brigades Approval No.:

DL/FW/GSF 127702/2

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GRAETZ GAMMATEST 1 Doserate Alarm Unit