SPECTROLINE CB-1000 Borescope

SPECTROLINE CB-1000 Borescope


  • CB-1000 is designed specifically for the NDT industry and features a UV LED for fluorescent leak detection and detection of surface flaws plus bright white LED for component inspection
  • Super-advanced fiber optic imaging bundle provides unsurpassed resolution with infinite focal point
  • 24" flexible, "No-Droop" shaft maintains its position in tight quarters 10mm shaft diameter
  • Resolution of 7,400 pixels
  • Fluorescence-enhancing glasses for use with UV light and fluorescent leak detection dyes (dyes sold separately)
  • Clip-on inspection mirror for viewing at an angle (mirror for external inspection only)
  • Powered by 4 "AA" batteries
  • Rugged carrying case with foam insert

Unique, dual-wavelength design offers the convenience of using the COBRA borescope for fluorescent leak detection and to detect surface flaws, as well as for regular component inspection.

Time Saving
Featuring an "obedient," omni-directional cable, the COBRA borescope offers exceptional maneuverability. It can easily snake its way past bends or obstructions to allow access to hard-to-reach areas, without time-consuming removal or disassembly of parts. Ideal for use in areas inaccessible to normal visual inspection.

Powerful UV and white light LEDs illuminate the "suspect" area for a crystal-clear view of leaks, component damage, contaminants, debris or other problems.

The cordless COBRA borescope is compact and lightweight, providing ultimate freedom of movement during inspections.

Clip-on mirror
Special 45° inspection mirror provides added capability to detect leaks or flaws normally hidden from view.

Fluorescence-enhancing glasses
Makes even the smallest leaks easy to see by dramatically improving fluorescence of leak detection dyes.


Cable length:

24" (61 cm)

Cable diameter:

10 mm

Tip diameter:

0.4" (1.0 cm) nominal

Viewing angle:



7,400 pixels

Focal viewing field:

0.4" (1.0 cm) to infinity

Housing material:


Bending radius:

3" (7.6 cm) minimum

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RFS Item Code
SPECTRONICS:BS-CB-1000 (Borescope)
SPECTROLINE CB-1000 Borescope
RFS Item Code: SPECTRONICS:BS-CB-1000 (Borescope)
RFS Item Code
SPECTRONICS:BS-CB-1000 (Borescope)