Spectroline CH-50P/12 Battery Operated UV Lamp

Spectroline CH-50P/12 Battery Operated UV Lamp

Just check out these great features:

  • High Performance - Produces higher UV intensity than competitors' 
    12-volt lamps.
  • "Instant On" Operation - Enables you to perform inspections immediately at the push of a button without waiting for warm-up.
  • Impact-Resistant, Dent-Proof Housing - Made of a super-tough engineering polymer.
  • Compact Lamp Head - Only 51¼4W x 71¼2"L (13 x 19 cm) at its widest point, its compact size enables you to work in tight spaces.
  • Excellent Portability - Battery-operated unit weighs only 
    two pounds.
  • Longer Battery Life - Consumes 50% less power than 
    competitors' 12-volt lamps, doubling battery life.
  • Versatile Dual Connections - Includes a 4-foot (1.2 m) cord with cigarette-lighter plug and a 1-foot (0.3 m) adapter cord with alligator clips. Connects to any 12-volt battery or cigarette-lighter outlet. A 12-foot (13.6 m) extension cord is also provided.
  • Flexible Silicone-Rubber Filter Holder - Can be removed 
    without tools for quick and easy bulb replacement.
  • Filter Protector/Lamp Stand - Helps prevent filter damage and serves as a convenient stand.
  • Free Safety Glasses - UV-absorbing glasses are included at no extra charge.
  • Battery Pack Accessory - Compact, lightweight (only 7 lbs.) BP-12A battery pack comes complete with a 12V 7Ahr sealed lead acid rechargeable battery and a charger in a weather-resistant case with a shoulder strap. Permits field use of the CH-50P/12 lamp in areas where an AC outlet is not available. 

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Spectroline CH-50P/12 Battery Operated UV Lamp
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