Spectroline E-Series EA-140 Hand Held

Spectroline E-Series EA-140 Hand Held

The Ultimate in Flexibility for all UV Applications!

  • Portable, compact, lightweight models provide ideal combinations of wavelengths, intensities, sizes and wattages.
  • Specially designed to provide the highest intensity in its class
  • All lamps come standard with attached convenient carrying handle.
  • Rechargeable, battery-operated units with four-way power, each with a distinct mode of operation.
  • Choice of automatic or manual rechargers

BP-12A Battery Pack provides a completely self-contained, mobile unit! The battery has an average rated life of 200-1,000 charge/discharge cycles, depending on the depth of discharge. BP-12A includes:

  • RB-12M: manual charger plugs into AC outlet and is fully charged after 11 hours. Available in both 120V and 230V versions.
  • 9B65: 12V, 7A-hr rechargeable battery with a female cigarette-lighter receptacle
  • Convenient nylon carrying case

In order to use the lamp, one or more of the following accessories must be ordered. To power the lamp from the BP-12A battery pack or from a vehicle's cigarette-lighter receptacle, use the AL-12 adapter with a male cigarette-lighter plug. To power the lamp directly from a vehicle battery or any 12-volt battery that can supply at least 0.5 amp of continuous current, use the AA-12 adapter with two alligator clips on one end. Use the AP-12/4 or AP-12/6 AC adapter with a 10-foot cord to power the lamp from a 120 volt AC outlet. Unsurpassed UV intensities for the brightest fluorescence analysis. Each E/12-Series UV lamp is the most powerful unit of its type available. Corrosion-resistant, specular-aluminum reflectors intensify their high UV output. Our unique LONGLIFE filter glass, supplied with all short-wave and medium-wave models, assures higher UV intensity right from the start. Since our LONGLIFE filter ages at a much slower rate than conventional filters, it resists solarization longer, giving you many more years of use! Our wide range of models enables you to choose the combination of UV wavelength, intensity, size and wattage that's best for your needs. No matter which model you select, rest assured it will have the same high-quality elements and precision engineering. Built tough, dependable and easy to use. Features of the E/12-Series UV lamps include a silver, anodized-aluminum housing that makes it both attractive and durable. For extra hand-held conveneince, a carrying handle is attached. "On/Off" toggle switch, well located on the top of the unit, puts irradiance control at your fingertips. Also, an LED on the front endcap of each unit lights when the battery needs recharging. Accessories We offer a complete line of accessories for our Battery-Operated Lamps, including:

  • BP-12A Battery Pack, Complete with 12 Volt, 7 AHr, Rechargeable Battery with Female Cigarette-Lighter Receptacle, RB-12M Battery Charger, Circuit-Protector 2A Fuse and Nylon Carrying Case
  • AP-12/4 120 Volt AC Adapter with 10-Foot Cord (for 4- and 5-Watt Lamps)
  • AP-12/6 120 Volt AC Adapter with 10-Foot Cord (for 6- and 8-Watt Lamps)
  • AA-12 External 12 Volt Battery Adapter with Alligator Clips
  • AL-12 External 12 Volt Battery Adapter with Male Cigarette-Lighter Plug
  • 9B65 Rechargeable Battery, 12 Volt, 7 AHr
  • CH-180 Lamp Carrying Handle (Replacement)
  • SE-140 Lamp Stand

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Spectroline E-Series EA-140 Hand Held