Spectroline OFK-100 LED Inspection Lamp

Spectroline OFK-100 LED Inspection Lamp



Forensic Blue LED Inspection Flashlight

Featuring advanced Luxeon LED technology with 10X brighter emission than regular LED lights!

Detects unstained, naturally fluorescent physiological samples such as urine, semen and saliva as well as fluorescence-treated latent fingerprints and blood. It is also useful for illuminating fibers, oil, grease and other petroleum products.

The OFK-100 includes an AC charger and orange UV absorbing/fluorescence-contrasting spectacles.

The cordless Optimax is compact and lightweight. It is designed to provide you the ultimate freedom of movement during forensic examinations, without the frustrating limitations of "corded" lamps.

With its "instant-on" LED, the lamp reaches full power and is ready for crime scene investigation immediately. This eliminates waiting for warm up and saves valuable time.

The Optimax is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery that provides six (6) full hours of continuous inspection time between charges.

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Spectroline OFK-100 LED Inspection Lamp