The World's Most Powerful UV Flood Lamp for NDT and Curing

  • Super Powerful - 400-watt metal halide bulb provides an unmatched steady-state intensity of 6,500 µW/cm2 at the lamp's center, measured at a 15-inch distance
  • Provides the Widest Dispersion - Irradiates an area as large as 24 x 10" with unequalled uniformity, producing a steady-state irradiance of not less than 2,000 µW/cm2 at 15 inches
  • Safe - Its unique twin-filter system eliminates hazardous UV-B radiation to protect users
  • Compact and Lightweight Design - Easy to transport and use
  • Can Be Placed Anywhere - Built-in mounting capability assures easy positioning, even in previously inaccessible areas

Unprecedented Power
With an average steady-state UV-A (320-400nm) intensity of 6,500 µW/cm² at its center, measured at a 15- inch (38.1cm) distance, the Spectroline® Model UV-400 SuperFlood™ Lamp is the perfect flood-cure unit! It can irradiate an area as large as 24 x 10" with unmatched uniformity, producing a steady-state UV-A irradiance of not less than 2,000 µW/cm2 at 15 inches. The UV-400 contains a super-powerful 400-watt bulb combined with a tempered, heat-resistant, twin-UV filter, which is especially resistant to solarization. This winning combination of a powerful bulb and unique filter design provides inspectors with the highest intensity over the largest area. Yet it's safe. The UV-400 emits no harmful UV-B (280-320nm) radiation.

Extremely Versatile
This remarkable 400-watt unit is ideal for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, parts degreasing inspection, and wash station inspection. The UV-400's compact, lightweight design and built-in mounting features assure that it can be chain- or ceiling-mounted over automated magnetic particle systems or above penetrant inspection booths. In fact, this UV lamp provides the most accurate inspections of even the largest parts - even in the most inaccessible areas!

Innovative Features
The UV-400's twin-filter system makes it completely unique in design. A specially coated, parabolic reflector maximizes the lamp's UV-A output. A powerful internal cooling fan is precisely positioned to assure that the UV-400 runs at its optimum temperature to maintain the highest irradiance during continuous operation. A sturdy, hinged filter assembly allows easy maintenance with the least downtime.

Technical Specifications



UV Wavelength


Steady-State UV-A Intensity at Center

6,500µW/cm2 at 15" (38.1cm)

UV Source

400-Watt Metal Halide Bulb

Filter Dimensions

10 x 11" (26.0 x 27.9cm)

Housing Dimensions

15L x 12W x 12"H (38.1L x 30.5W x 30.5cmH)

Net Weight

36lbs. (16.3kg)

Specifications and Features Are Subject to Change Without Notice

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