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Being a locksmith, I deal with customers with silly questions and try my best to be patient and as helpful as possible at all times in order to win jobs and make people feel safe and secure. Today, when calling for information regarding borescopes and their application for my industry (safe opening) I had plenty of silly questions as I was in the dark in a field that I have found very hard to navigate. After speaking to RFS, all is illuminated. I understand what we need for our application and all of my qualms and questions have been answered. Not only did you help me with my needs but also provided extra advice for future releases that would suit our industry as well as somebody great ideas for how we can kill two birds with one stone by getting a non rigid scope and using a sleeve. Once again, thanks for making my experience a lot better and ensuring we buy our scope through Russell Fraser Sales. 

It was amazing how easy it was to identify an oil leak in the hydraulic system. We have been searching for this leak in a wet area for 18 months but with the dye it took 15 minutes to find & 30 minutes to fix on the next shut. As this has proven successful I will now progress to some other problem areas around the plant. I have a system with 2 oils being used in close vicinity to each other. Looking at your catalogue I see that the Oil-Glo 33-P Fluoresces Green & the Oil-Glo 55-P Fluoresces Red.