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Russell Fraser Sales is one of the largest suppliers of equipment and consumables for the NDT sector in Australia. Our product range is extensive with almost 1,000 unique products and services available.

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Our website is designed to make the connection between your needs and our products as easy as possible. We have broken the product sectors into logical areas such as Ultrasonics, Ultraviolet, Radiography etc so that you can find the type of product you need for your application.

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Due to the nature and complexity of the products we sell we cannot indicate a price on the goods offered. We would welcome the opportunity to quote for your needs and have included a Request a Quote link on each product in the website. You can select multiple products and the quote request will be aggregated into a single enquiry. We are not trying to hide to price but simply wish to provide an accurate indication of the cost of the item/s you are enquiring about.


To make finding your product easier we have a comprehensive search facility on the website. Either click on the magnifying glass at the top of any page and enter your search text and press the enter key or enter the search term at the bottom of any page and press Submit. Once the search results have been found they will be listed on a search page with links directly to the product or service you require.

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If you wish to browse this site using a mobile phone or tablet device such as an iPad or similar the site will adapt to the device being used. This technology is called Responsive Web Design and aims to provide easy to read web browsing on any device. On a mobile phone the top menu is collapsed when the site first opens. To view the menu simply click on one of the main menu items and they will open to show more detail. The page layouts will be different on a mobile phone or tablet to that of a desktop or laptop computer. In all cases the aim is to make the page as easy to read as possible.

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If you would like to submit a request for quote or a reseller request form please complete the details on the forms on the website. Fields marked with a red asterix are compulsory and need to be completed. If you are asked to submit an email address the form will ask you to re-enter the address to make sure it is correct. Once you have filled out the fields in the form there is an antispam device at the bottom of the form (called ReCaptcha). This is to prevent spammers from automatically completing these forms and trying to block the normal means of communication. Once your form has been completed and sent we will receive it and respond as quickly as possible.