Russell Fraser Sales Pty Ltd

Unit 10/1-11 Burns Road
Heathcote NSW 2233 Australia

Tel: + 61 2 9545 4433

Russell Fraser, Director

Russell is a Metallurgist who commenced his working life in Forges, Foundries, Heat Treatment and Machine shops.  He spent some time in the Plating and Galvanizing industry also.  His first NDT was involved in MPI benches and eddy current inspection of automotive components in 1969.  Russell commenced selling of NDT equipment in 1993 and still enjoys the challenge of solving people’s problems with the application of appropriate equipment. Russell enjoys training and in recent years has done his L1 and L2 ACFM qualifications.

Eileen Fraser, Director

Eileen has the role of overseeing and controlling all of the finances of the company as well as paying the wages.  She has a very strong understanding of the workings of RFS in all of its complexity and is called upon as a backstop for much of the information and background of the company.  Eileen is ably supported by the girls of the accounts team.

Nicole Sullivan, Office Manager and Accounts Supervisor

Nicole joined RFS in 2019 responsible for accounts, but since Margaret our office manager retired Nicole has very capably taken on the role of Office Manager as well as still looking after the accounts. She has very good administrative skills which she brought to RFS after previously working for Qantas for 24 years in finance and IT. Nicole enjoys the challenge of getting involved with improving the systems, solving problems and working with customers for their satisfaction.

Paul Wright, Technical Sales Representative & Calibration Technician

Paul joined Russell Fraser Sales in March 2014. He has an Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nanotechnology and is our Ultrasonics Specialist after doing his L1 Ultrasonics. With his scientific background, he has also overseen the upgrade of our calibration services, both in house, and on site.

Heather Lee, Repairs/Service

Heather has been with Russell Fraser Sales since it started 20 years ago and worked in the Accounts area for many years. Heather now looks after the Repairs and Service side of the business, which has become an increasingly important aspect of looking after our customers.

Darren Holt –   Storeman

Darren joined us in October 2019 after a varied range of experiences in the automotive industry.  He has built a great relationship with all our couriers looking after all our imports and exports. He is the one who is responsible for the safe packaging and prompt dispatch of your goods, is also involved in the manufacturing of many of our CrackTest Magnetic Particle Inspection Products and has a great knowledge of all the products we sell. He is part of the team responsible for the calibration of our UV light meters.

Erwin Olguin –  Sales Representative

Erwin has a mechanical background. Erwin joined the RFS team in April 2022 in preparedness of Stephen Howes retirement.  Since Stephen’s retirement Erwin has stepped up and learnt at a rapid rate. He has been involved in the installation of MPI benches at the Air Force Bases around the country. Being mechanically minded he has also been trained in the calibration of the UV light meters. Like any of our team if you have question and Erwin does not know the answer he will find out and come back to you promptly.

Lawson Moore –  Sales Representative

Lawson joined the RFS team in 2023. He has a Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics, as well as a Bachelor of Research (Engineering and Information Sciences). His scientific background has allowed him to be trained in the calibration of the UV light meters, as well as many of our product ranges.