The 9SL-12 is a reasonably powerful hand held unit with two tubes – a 9 watt short wave (254 nm), and a 9 watt long wave (368 nm) UV tube powered by 12 volt DC. The power cord has a standard male cigarette plug and is fused at 10 amps. The ballasts are rated for 13 watts to over-drive the tubes for more UV output.

This dual-bulb lamp housing is 203 mm x 154 mm x 76 mm and is made from lightweight black ABS plastic. The handle adds an additional 64 mm to the height. The Hoya filter glass is 40 mm x 135 mm and the Kokomo long wave filter glass is about 32 mm x 135 mm. The shipping weight is approximately 1.5kg. These units require a Battery Pack consisting of 12Volt gel battery, battery carry bag and battery charger.

Caution: mid wave (UV-B) or short wave (UV-C) ultraviolet light waves will cause damage to the eyes and exposed skin.