Measures illuminance intensity up to 1,000,000 cd/m2

Display readings in:

  • Candela per square foot – 1,000,000 cd/m2
  • Candela per meter squared – 90,000 cd/ft2
  • foot Lamberts – 285,000 fL


  • Superior bandpass interference filter
  • Excellent cosine response
  • User-defined power save and automatic shutoff
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Sealed sensor housing and USB connection with water-resistant adapter

The AccuMAX™ XRP-3000 radiometer/photometer kit uses a XS-555/L luminance sensor to measure film viewer output. Featuring automatic zeroing, integration and signal hold, the unit provides accurate readouts of the luminance of film viewer output. The LCD readout features ±0.2% linearity with the sensor sending the linearity correction data to the readout unit during initial power up. To ensure consistent results, sensors are designed with superior bandpass filters while optical stacks are assembled in Class 100 clean workstations. For precise spectral coverage, highquality interference filters are used to resist degradation.

The rugged meter housing features a removable, rubber protective boot for better grip and to help prevent accidental breakage. It also provides superior protection against moisture contamination, shock and humidity. In addition, the XRP-3000 features a liquid- and water-resistant, sealed sensor housing with a special self-sealing ring to help eliminate light leakage.

Simple Operation
The XRP-3000 meter’s microprocessor is the heart of its simplicity. Just four pressure-sensitive buttons on the readout unit’s membrane keypad offer an extensive array of advanced functions. For example, to subtract ambient light, (with a visible light Sensor) the user need only press the “ZERO” button. This activates autozeroing, sets the value to 0 and displays relative readings of subsequent measurements. “HOLD” freezes the display thus obtained, while “INTG” (with a UV sensor) displays the average UV intensity after incorporating the UV energy over time. These functions and other user-selectable parameters are easily accessible through the software’s main and sub menus.

The XRP-3000 radiometer is carefully quality-controlled to ensure that each unit has up-to-date calibration and meets stringent measurement requirements. Housed in a durable polycarbonate case, it features dependable solid-state electro-optical circuitry for long, trouble-free operation.

The XRP-3000 is compact, lightweight and battery operated for convenient use in the factory, field or any other location where measurements need to be taken. A slide-out panel allows for easy replacement of the unit’s 9-volt batteries.

The XRP-3000 offers extreme flexibility in the workplace. For NDT technicians doing MPI and FPI a dual-wavelength UV-A/VIS sensor detector to measure both ultraviolet and visible light is available as an accessory to provide accurate readouts for UV, visible irradiance or radiance.