The B.O.S.S. system from Newage Testing Instruments is an automatic scanning system for measuring Brinell impressions. It is designed to make testing faster, more accurate and improve quality control as it automatically stores data and is network capable.

Virtually eliminate operator influence 
It is widely appreciated that measuring Brinell impressions can result in measurement errors of 0.1mm between operators (the range is even greater between labs). This error can take up your entire tolerance specification. The B.O.S.S. will virtually eliminate operator influence on test results and your test results won’t change with every shift change.

Take measurements in an instant 
In a fraction of a second the B.O.S.S. captures an image of the impression (operators don’t have to hold the scan head still while measuring), then uses the image to measure the diameter to the nearest 0.01 mm. The system displays the resulting Brinell value and the identified edges at eight positions. Tolerance and warning values can be entered that will cause test results to appear color-coordinated.

Increased speed and productivity 
With more speed and accuracy the capability of your entire Brinell program changes dramatically. Instead of being a rough quality control measurement to find defects, the testing can add process control functionality to quickly predict potential production problems and correct them before bad parts start streaming out. The B.O.S.S. Software is network capable so test results can be directed to your production control software.

Customise data files 
An unlimited number of data test files can be created, each containing its own preset test parameters, selected from a complete range of Brinell options. The B.O.S.S. has a wide range of statistical capabilities. Two sets of tolerances, one for warning and another for out-of-tolerance may be entered. Statistical reports, including X-bar & R charts and histograms, can be generated for each data file. Operators can also capture an image of the impression in the bitmap file format.