The Buckleys Surface Display Unit (SDU) has been designed to provide a remote method of verifying the corrosion voltage readings of the Buckleys Bathycorrometer®. The SDU (which would typically be placed on board a ship or on a platform) is connected to the Bathycorrometer® (being used underwater by a diver) via a robust, two core water-resistant cable of suitable length (supplied separately).

The measured structure to seawater potential is then transmitted from the Bathycorrometer® to the SDU by a 4-20mA signal. The SDU then converts this signal to a direct voltage read-out, providing the corrosion engineer with a quick and easy verification.

It is recommended that the SDU is purchased with the Bathycorrometer® it is going to be used with, as this allows both units to be checked together.

The standard kit includes a mains supply lead, calibration leads from the Bathycorrometer®to the SDU and a comprehensive instruction manual.

Note: The SDU is not suitable for use with old Roxby Bathycorrometers®, units fitted with Buckleys Retrofit kits or early Buckleys units. Contact Buckleys for advice.

P/N: 6004-0079 (Formally H29P)


  • Mains Powered (115 or 230V AC).
  • Bright 4 digit LED display.
  • Built in calibration reference.
  • Accuracy of 0.05% of reading.
  • Lightweight sturdy aluminum case.
  • Supplied with calibration certificate.
  • One year ‘back to base’ warranty