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Coltraco Portalevel Max PLUS

Coltraco Portalevel Max PLUS

The Portalevel® MAX liquid level indicator for locating liquid levels in fire suppression cylinders, especially CO2, NOVEC 1230® & FM-200™

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The Portalevel® MAX PLUS is the fastest & easiest to use unit in the Portalevel Range. It is most popular with customers looking to test large numbers of cylinders and those using the equipment very regularly.

  • Quick and Easy Testing: The 8th Generation technology testing procedure is short and simple, making the process of inspecting cylinder content incredibly fast. Every cylinder can be inspected in under 30 seconds, with the ‘cal’ feature automatically setting up the unit for each cylinder at the touch of a button. This significantly reduces user error, makes the testing process very simple and requires minimal user training.
  • Powerful Testing: The Portalevel® MAX also has 4 different power modes (SPA). The SPA feature increases the sensitivity of the device and increases the strength of the output signal. As well as being an ideal unit for co2 bottle level measurement and to check the level of gas, the SPA feature enables the unit to continue working on very large tanks up to around 800KG of agent or containers experiencing high levels of corrosion and pitting.
  • Wide Range of Verifiable Agents: including but not limited to the common liquefied gaseous fire suppressant agents e.g. CO2 Bottle Level Measurement, Aluminium CO2, FM200/HFC-227EA, NOVEC 1230/FK-5-1-12, FE 25/FE 13, FE 36, Halon 1301/1211, CEA410, NAF S III, Refrigerants/R507

For those not using the equipment very regularly or those only testing smaller cylinders (below about 350KG / 700lbs) please see the Portalevel® Mini as another option!

Also, if you wish to store, download and export all readings plus convert any liquid level into agent weight, please see the Portasteele® Calculator

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