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Compact Holiday Detector

Compact Holiday Detector

Used for detection of Coating Porosity (Pin-holes, or Holidays) in dielectric (insulation type) coatings on conductive substrates, including Concrete. Suitable for Production Pipeline Coating operations, Tank-Work and Structures. Ideal for use on Storage Tanks, Valves and Pipelines.

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The PCWI Compact Holiday Detector is a High Voltage DC Porosity detector also known as holiday detectors, spark testers, porosimeters or jeepers. These are used to ensure the longevity of coating systems by locating pin holes, air bubbles, and porosity in non-conductive coatings on conductive substrates, including concrete.

This Porosity Detector is a small and lightweight unit with a clip-on battery pack, and features:

  • digital display of applied voltage
  • constant test current
  • fully adjustable voltage and sensitivity controls.

It can be used in most applications including pipelines, steel structures and tank work.

Complies with the requirements of AS3894.1-2002.
CE Compliant.

0 to 15kV
0 to 30kV


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