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CYGNUS Single Crystal Ultrasonic Probes

CYGNUS Single Crystal Ultrasonic Probes

Single crystal probes are used with the gauge in Multiple-Echo mode and allow measurements to be taken ignoring coatings.

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To complement CYGNUS’ range of ultrasonic thickness gauges they offer a range of ultrasonic probes. The performance of any ultrasonic thickness gauge relies heavily on the quality of the probe and its suitability to the material being measured. Therefore selecting the right probe is vital.

The probe frequency will be determined by the minimum thickness of the material to be measured.  However, the lower the probe frequency the more effective the ultrasound will be at penetrating coatings and corrosion. The Single Crystal 2.25 MHz 13mm probe is recommended for the majority of applications as it performs the best on corroded metal and through thick coatings.

Frequency Face Size Face Colour Range In Steel Typical Applications
5.0 MHz 6 mm (1/4”) Black 1 to 50 mm Small diameter pipes and boiler tubes/heat exchangers
5.0 MHz 13 mm (1/2″) Black 1 to 50 mm Measuring wall thickness down to 1mm
3.5 MHz 13 mm (1/2″) Black 2 to 150 mm Measuring wall thickness down to 2mm with corrosion through coatings
2.25 MHz 13 mm (1/2″) Black 3 to 250 mm Standard probe supplied, best for all round measurement of wall thickness with corrosion through coatings.
2.25 MHz 19 mm (3/4″) Red 3 to 250 mm Large flat plates with heavy corrosion and/or through thick coatings.

Please review the attached brochure for more detailed specifications or contact us for assistance on Tel: (02) 9545 4433.

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