Digital Metric/Imperial extended foot, Pit, Crack, Scratch and Corrosion depth Gauge.

This Digital gauge measures, the depth of pits, cracks and craters of the outer (in some instances it would do the inside) surfaces of steel structures, pipes and concrete. Enables quick assessment of surface condition. The slender tip allows for the depth measurement of narrow cracks and corrosion. An essential gauge for pipe layers/coaters, enabling them to make a quick assessment of the condition of pipework during rehabilitation.

  • The extended 125mm foot enables measurement on heavily pitted work.
  • Dial indicator can be repositioned in the end for easy measurement in corners.
  • Used by members of the Australian Corrosion Industry, Pipe Coaters and Pipeline Association.
  • Range 0 to 10mm.
  • Resolution 0.01mm.
  • Certification available.