Electronic Dosemeter 
ED 150

with doserate indication and alarm functions

  • PTB-approved dosemeter for measuring gamma and X-rays
  • measuring size: personal dose equivalent Hp(10)
  • detector: energy compensated GM-tube
  • digital indication of measured values on LC-display
  • dose indication range with floating decimal point
  • doserate indication upon keystroke
  • high measuring accuracy
  • reliable and safe measurement of radiation in front of the user’s body (detection of a solid angle of 180°)
  • especially shaped display ensures optimum reading of measured values
  • switchable, acoustic single-pulse indication
  • 4 dose alarm thresholds
  • 4 doserate alarm thresholds
  • menu-driven operator guidance
  • optical interface
  • storage of dose value and set parameters also during battery change
  • high reliability by continuous self control and test function
  • small, handy housing, easily to be decontaminated
  • watertight up a a submersion depth of 0,5 m acc. to IP67
  • power supply by 3 pcs. 1,5V Lady cells LR1
  • operating life approx. 1 year at background radiation with one battery set
  • EMC-proof
  • usable as single and system dosemeter when used together with the readout unit for programming and reading out the ED 150


Dose indication range:

0,1µSv < Hp(10) < 10 Sv

PTB-approved dose measuring range:

10µSv < Hp (10) < 1 Sv

Doserate indication range:

0,1µSv/h – 1,5 Sv/h

Energy range:

55 keV – 3 MeV

Dose alarm thresholds:

4 preset values in the range of 

1µSv – 10 Sv, each independently acknowledgeable

Doserate alarm thresholds:

4 preset values in the range of 

1µSv/h – 1,5 Sv/h, each independently acknowledgeable

Temperature range:

-20°C up to +60°C

Dimensions / Weight:

(136 x 40 x 17) mm 

approx. 160 g

PTB-Approval No.:

23.52 / 04.01

German Fire Brigades Approval No.:

DW/FW/IdF 040411

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