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GRAETZ GammaSmart two

GRAETZ GammaSmart two

Portable dose rate alarm unit, specially designed for personal radiation protection when handling ionizing radiation.

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The GammaSmart two device is a very robust, pocket-sized, battery-operated dose rate warning device for personal radiation protection

It detects gamma and X-ray radiation and reports these with clear optical and acoustic single pulses, which increase in the pulse sequence as the dose rate increases

The splash-proof aluminum housing (IP54) provides shielding against electromagnetic influence, an optical battery control indicates the operational readiness of the device

A plastic clip is used to attach the dose rate warner to clothing


  • GammaSmart two V40 with a dose rate warning threshold at 40 µSv/h for use in non-destructive testing (NDT) radiographic testing. For mobile handling, the local dose rate must not exceed 40 µSv/h.

Technical Data

Max. permissible dose rate 1 Sv/h
Sensitivity approx. 6 imp/min at 3 µSv/h
Energy sector approx. 35 keV – 1.3 MeV
Dose rate warning thresholds optional 1, 40 µSv/h for version V40
Dimensions approx. 59 × 71 × 30/17 mm
Weight (incl. batteries) approx. 90 g
Protection class IP54 (Protected against splashing water)

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