Doserate Measuring System X 5 Cplus

  • PTB-approved doserate meter for measuring gamma radiation and X-rays
  • measuring size: ambient doserate equivalent H*(10)
  • detector: energy compensated Geiger-Müller-tube
  • large digital indication of measured values on LC display (illuminable)
  • alternatively indication of doserate or dose with integration time
  • additional quasi-analog doserate indication (3,5 decades, logarithmic bar graph)
  • indication of peak and average value of doserate
  • 4 free programmable dose and doserate alarm thresholds
  • automatic or manual storage of dose and doserate values together with date and time
  • indication of residual time for staying in the current radiation field with regard to the maximum allowed dose
  • switchable acoustic single-pulse indication
  • menu driven operator guidance for easy operation, partly secured by password
  • storage of set parameters also when device is switched off or during battery replacement
  • continuous self testing and monitoring ensures high reliability
  • metallized, compact housing of high impact-proof plastic (easily to decontaminate), sealed for submersion up to 1 m depth (IP 67)
  • uses 9V battery 6LR61 or alternatively 9V accumulator (option)
  • extensive accessories, e.g. probes for the extension of measuring range and possibilities of application, probe cable, leather bag “D”, transport case (aluminium or plastic), accumulator, recharger, PC cable, etc.
  • directly to be combined with the Telescope Probe DE or “CE”-Telescope
  • automatic probe identification
  • EMC-proof
  • RS 232 interface
PTB-approved doserate measuring range: 1,0 µSv/h – 20 mSv/h
Doserate indication range: 0 nSv/h – 20 mSv/h
Dose indication range: 0 nSv – 10 Sv
Energy range: 40 keV – 1,3 MeV
Doserate alarm thresholds: 4, free programmable, 1 µSv/h – 20 mSv/h
Dose alarm thresholds: 4, free programmable, 1 µSv – 10 Sv
Temperature range: -30°C up to +60°C
Dimensions / Weight: (152 x 82 x 39) mm

approx. 400 g

PTB-Approval No.: 23.51/04.01
German Fire Brigades Approval No.: DL/FW/IdF 080221/1