HJC-60 welding gauge made of stainless steel and is characterized by portable and compact structure, easy operation and wide application.

The gauge consists of main scale, height gauge, undercut depth gauge and multiple-purpose gauge and is specially used for the measurement of the bevel angle, height, width, gap and undercut depth of weldment, suitable for the detection of boilers, bridges, ships, pressure vessels and oil pipes.


  • Surface Height: 0-15mm
  • Height of Fillet Weld: 0-15mm
  • Thickness of Fillet Weld: 0-15mm
  • Width: 0-60mm
  • Undercut Depth of Welding Seam: 0-5mm
  • Bevel Angle of Weldment: 80-160mm
  • Gap Size: 0.5-6mm