ibg Eddyliner Digital S Eddy Current Tester leads in the line of metal testing NDT instruments from ibg Germany. From a simple one channel sort to the use of long established Preventative Multi-Frequency Technology (PMFT) Testing ibg has the solution. It is used for testing properties such as hardness, structure, tensile strength, heat treatment or alloy composition. PMFT can use up to eight frequencies simultaneously.

ibg is well known for test reliability and ease of operation and is based on the ibg system that has been proven for decades. Wherever there is the need to test high volumes of parts (up to 7 parts per second using 8 test frequencies using coils) and the need to check for hardness, Induction hardening pattern or other characteristics, then ibg has the answer. Instruments and coils or probes can be supplied right through to turn-key systems that fit into your production line.